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Zhu Shou, you have to give me an explanation. A human face appeared ways to lose weight fast in a month inside, and the master of the Guangze Holy Gate best rx weight loss pill questioned the black bearded mage through the flames.

Therefore, according to the real person from the North Pole beside her, it is the so called righteousness that is playing a role.

The monks behind were uneasy to calm down. The master of the Taiqing Palace broke the silence and said From now on, Wudang is ways to lose weight fast in a month deceiving us The master of Chongyang Palace s expression changed, and he suddenly said in shock It s not maybe How to say The head of the Taiqing Palace asked in a low voice.

The words just fell. Suddenly, there was a strange howling sound from Phoenix Mountain Ji Xiang suddenly heard the wailing voices of countless people, but these valor orlistat generico voices did not come from the ways to lose weight fast in a month bodies of living things, but from the dark void, like prayers and cries.

The incarnation of Yangshen is not only available to immortals, but can be used at the level of Yuanshen.

Seeing the familiar servants at the door, the old doctor was stunned.

At that time, the Ascension to Immortal Conference should have reached its climax, and King Lu should also have achieved the Immortal Physique, consummating the Immortal Formation.

Just a scholar is extremely arrogant. There is grandeur and righteousness, but it is really out of place.

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But they won t admit it easily After all, these people in front of me are all my comrades and friends, as long as the facts are killed, Ji Xiang will become a public enemy of the world.

At this time, a general next to him said I heard that in the former Yuan Dynasty, there was an expedition to Japan, but goli acv gummies weight loss when crossing the sea to the vicinity of Tsushima Island, the ship would encounter a kamikaze.

I said you, don t you know what awe and fear are Ji Xiang was surprised How can you say that, of course I know awe and fear, but it doesn ways to lose weight fast in a month t affect my actions.

This is the background of ways to lose weight fast in a month the mountain gate. Therefore, in the square, many people sat cross legged and gathered here, asking for an explanation, and they would vittimeterrorismo.it ways to lose weight fast in a month not leave if orlistat redicres 120 mg they did not give an explanation.

The fire wheel is very powerful, just turn it and release the true fire of samadhi, and uses for apple cider vinegar weight loss suddenly a bright golden light burns the sky, and everything will be reduced ageless medical weight loss reviews ways to lose weight fast in a month to ashes No, ways to lose weight fast in a month this is a Buddhist artifact Master Daxian Huaguang was shocked when he discovered the vast Buddha light ways to lose weight fast in a month Although the Shangqing Sect has three veins, it has nothing to do with Buddhism, but Biyou Palace is born in Qing Dynasty, but uses Buddhist artifacts from Buddhism, how can this not shock Dharma Master Daxian Huaguang.

Go elsewhere and start a better cannon foundry. The flood was surging, and Ji Xiang also saw the sincerity of those generals The Great Order of Conferring the Gods is very effective, not only the gods from all over the place will return to obedience, but also a large number of monsters who want to mix up, spare no effort to fight for life and things here.

The demons there may not be as powerful as the immortals, but they are all half tested demons.

The latter was easy fast ways to lose weight without exercise completely puzzled by the catastrophe. Ji Xiang was just experimenting, but he didn t expect that the outside world would react to the world in the coffin Now is not the time to care about you.

The voice of the people, the wish of the people, the prayer of the people God, can ways to lose weight fast in a month you hear me does fasting actually work for weight loss The spirit of the Yinping Lady continued to break through to a new level in the floating Li along with the rise of Wanmin s wishes.

Ji Xiang made a backhand move, and the two spiritual senses were sealed within the two blank talismans on the wall.

For the use of various spells, the emphasis is on forgetting rather than remembering, and they can be used ways to lose weight fast in a month naturally, and the effect is better.

The seeds are in the fertile land, and the farmers work hard, and the crops they get are extremely good.

I heard that you seem to be one of the ancient immortals, and you actually work for the later ways to lose weight fast in a month dynasty.

In fact, what is ways to lose weight fast in a month Pills For Weight Loss Tianluo King, he has no merits at all when he is alive, and he should give it to does aetna cover weight loss programs anyone, but he should not give it to him.

The monk in white chanted a Buddha s name at this time My lord, greed is a kind of desire.

Ji Xiang walked into the main hall, his shadow stretched extremely long under the lights.

The craftsman s child from Shuntian Mansion, the little fox from Yuquan Mountain, the Daoist from the Shangqing School, and the little girl Shen in front of me, at first glance, are good seedlings of Confucian immortals.

However, if according to the original arrangement, if those with upright spirits are eaten by monsters, the Dao of Heaven will hate them and characterize them as extremely vicious things.

In other words, finding a place where a group of ghosts gather like Yinfan Mountain can also absorb Yin Qi to reconcile oneself, but the Yin Qi in those places is not pure, mixed with all kinds of ghost energy and resentment, so If you practice in those ghost places, you need to what drugs to take to lose weight purify the yin energy on those ghosts.

Oral Secret Key Law Jue 183 The Fifteenth Great Emperor s Yinzhu, the object of worship of Wanmin incense will be changed ways to lose weight fast in a month to the person who recites the mantra Fire escape one of the thirteen great escapes, eliminates form and spirit, and escapes into the flame void, which has many magical effects you have no way to limit the fire escape, you can try to use the crushing void attack at the moment the opponent hides.

A red banner of the God of Subduing Demons appeared from nothing, and appeared immediately on the ground The god banner flickered.

That is to be instructed by Yuanshi Tianzun to come to the world to kill the filth that shouldn t exist like you You ways to lose weight fast in a month claim to be the demon of testing the way But the five demons are entangled in tribulations.

It took about a day in the Forbidden City. When Hajime looked up, he was stunned.

The shape of a god, as long as there is a wish to exist and worship, it will never decay.

Standing on the same camp. After all, monk Yuqingtian s method is the source of the method of supernatant.

It must be polished by an old craftsman who has been in the industry 1500 Calorie Diet Weight Loss best rx weight loss pill for more than 20 years, but it is very difficult.

They clearly saw a demon eye with rotting flesh and blood on the forehead of the old ancestor, which seemed to have not ways to lose weight fast in a month yet grown up.

Yan Futan s golden color is reddish yellow, even if ways to lose weight fast in a month it is affected, how could it become like this This is not a red yellow ways to lose weight fast in a month golden pill, nor is it pure gold, but the color of purple gold During the Qin and Han Dynasties, alchemists called the elixir of purple gold, and if they took ways to lose weight fast in a month it, they would live forever and become immortals immediately Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Three The purple golden pill in the Kunlun Palace is not a fairy material if you have a meal to prolong your life, you will naturally have no love to avoid hunger and cold.

The young sorcerer had stabilized his mind at this time, muttering something, the sword in his hand ignited fire and lightning, and danced in ways to lose weight fast in a month front of him.

However, if these soldiers rebel on the spot, it is equivalent to the loss of the front row of long range mages and the loss of power.

I don t know why. Yan Jingzhu didn t know what to say for a while.

After the virtual form of the third ancestor disappeared, I woke up, and it was the Taoist master who saved ways to lose weight fast in a month my life.

Ji Xiang almost blurted out, asking Daozi to Purple And White Fat Burner Pill ways to lose weight fast in a month weight loss after stopping diet pills go up and give him two slaps What Maoshan Daozi identified refers to what he felt just now, the aura of receiving and guiding the supernatural realm, so Ji Xiang and Maoshan Daozi followed this induction.

Do it, but Zhenzong was still very frightened when he found out later, so it is normal to have a stress reaction to this kind of rebellion.

Yao made a brief self introduction. Lishi Xianguan is the God ways to lose weight fast in a month of Wealth of the North Road among the five Gods of Wealth.

He and the other two Palace Masters attacked Ji Xiang together Dafa whipped up a strong wind, and the distance between the two sides was extremely close.

Although Ji Xiang is still best rx weight loss pill Natural Weight Loss Pills sure to kill this girl, he must be cautious about things that can be cautious.

Very ways to lose weight fast in a month good, your awareness of fire prevention is really very good. Just because you think so highly of me, I, Ji Xiang, will help you take over the god position today Don t worry, there are all my old acquaintances in the sky You are also a great fighting force.

Ji Xiang King Lu s destiny is also qualified to sit on the dragon chair, Qianlong Mr.

At least the monster aura on their bodies would be eliminated, At the same time, you can borrow the power of incense and sacrifice without stealing.

The little god in the temple, I am grateful for the kindness of the current court, and because she is a filial daughter of the previous court, so I didn t take action against her.

As for my daughter, because she had been at her elder brother s house before and was not here, she just took it over recently.

Now this characteristic is really not easy to use. ah. Zhang Sanfeng lots of cardio to lose weight fast heaved a long sigh, it seems that getting the characteristics of the Dao today is a very bad thing.

Then, Tongtian Mingyan rushed out The white smoke oscillated, wrapped the broken Yinshan Dharma Realm, and returned to the body in an instant, and the blank magic card ate the fragments of the Yinshan Dharma Realm, and it was refined in an instant.

Before, Ji Xiang deduced the solution method of the Suotian Great Formation, and the misfortune of the world of mortals was entangled, and he had to use the three corpse gods to commit suicide in a circle to solve it.

The appearance of the flame goddess is distorting the statue of Lord Huodexing.

qisuwang. com When I was protecting the people as a god, your ancestors didn t even know where they were I don t need the pity of mortals When the people I protect die, the new people will forget me.

We are the devil, we are not ordinary devils, we feed on righteousness, your spells will not work for us Lady Yin Ping interrupted unceremoniously The five demons before you all said that.

If they have not reached the level of Tao, they are all in the same class.

Yan Jingzhu was speechless, and stopped talking to Ji Xiang, anyway, just don t mess with those two Heavenly Venerates.

These two Daozi are the containers for us to ways to lose weight fast in a month descend. The Lord of Maoshan said with difficulty Taoist ways to lose weight fast in a month is related to the inheritance of Taoism, and is vittimeterrorismo.it ways to lose weight fast in a month not a target for others to seize.

Ji Xiang felt a flash of light in his mind, and the true meaning of the three teachings actually started to operate automatically, and an improvement method for the technique of flying through the clouds and riding the fog emerged.

I know, that scholar wrote obscene poems in the temple at that time.

It s a pity that my good deeds have almost ways to lose weight fast in a month been used up. This time, the God of Loss who killed Biyou Palace didn ways to lose weight fast in a month t have any witnesses, so Shangqing Daozi and Guixian didn t know where they were taken, so it was a useless fight.

You told me that the gods spontaneously ignited and ways to lose weight fast in a month wrote a fire spell.

He found that the Phoenix Mountain outside looked ordinary whether viewed from a distance or close up.

This time, the Taoist man in yellow was not reduced to ways to lose weight fast in a month ashes, but his head was smashed, and he fell to the ground with a thud, and never got up again.

However, there are some words that are unnecessary to say, and what Mr.

If she is taking part in the imperial examination, can t she copy all the names from the next exam paper Of course, having said that, Ji Xiang could also see that Lingbao Tianzun was mostly indifferent to those scriptures, and was obviously looking for something.

You don t have to worry too much about the rest. Of course, you don t want my apprentice to die in this fight, do you The wealthy businessman shook his head like a rattle.

When the fire escaped, there was no physical body No, there is no entity.

Moreover, the origin of this book made Ji Xiang feel vigilant and fearful.

Although the people of Buddhism are not afraid of the sins of the gods of Taoism, after all, the two sides are not a system, but this time the movement is indeed a bit too big, and the monk in white also has a look of surprise on his face.

Ji Daochang has no news. The old man said that Ji Daochang was studying in the Great Yuan Treasure Hall, but where is the Great Yuan Treasure Hall ,how could I know Isn t this clearly fooling us There was anger in Feng Menglong s chest.

The external realm displayed has actually reached the level of earth immortal.

He used to be like this too, eating the incense of other gods Those who eat the incense of others will eventually be eaten by Purple And White Fat Burner Pill ways to lose weight fast in a month others I am a god, the god of the people worshiped by thousands of families, although now, my can going off the pill help you lose weight temple has long been destroyed in the turmoil of the past, and my existence has changed from a god in the past to a wandering ghost, but After the ways to lose weight fast in a month turmoil, there must be ways to lose weight fast in a month reconstruction, and the rise and fall is a kind of cyclical principle in the world.

Even though they are not in the same system as the demon king, at the beginning of their practice, everyone can be regarded as the same way.

All formations within the five elements can be rewritten on the Book of Heaven After all, the incompleteness of this heavenly book lies in the three elements rather than the five elements.

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Ji Xiang muttered a few words in his heart briefly, and saw the girl return to her statue, but there was no more movement.

He said that Lady Yin Ping must not be allowed to leave, but that she must be caught.

Finally, puffs of blue smoke floated out from the armor, and these blue smoke floated in the sky About three fingers, and then quickly drilled into the depths of the ground.

The servant on one side was talking to his owner, while the servant on the opposite side said the ways to lose weight fast in a month same thing How come ways to lose weight fast in a month this group of Zhou family members have become powerful In the melee, it was inevitable to accidentally injure the dignitaries, and some women even lost their faces and fell to the ground amidst the pushing and shoving.

At this moment, it was about to devour the mortals, regardless of whether the target to be eaten was within 1,300 people or not As long as it is a living thing, you can recover your own injuries after eating it.

In the Longde Hall, the black shadow reappeared, appearing as a child, in front of Emperor Wanli.

It s really helpless for Shangxian to do something. Now that I have the help of Shangxian, I can still ways to lose weight fast in a month survive to extreme nrg diet pills reviews ensure the continuity of Xuanmiao Taoism.

Cultivator Tian, keto fast burn pills it is reasonable for him to use his means to make himself unable to get any benefits.

these people seemed to disappear in place out of thin air So mortals will be afraid of this change and leave here.

It is precisely because Best Thing To Eat Before Bed For Weight Loss ways to lose weight fast in a month of the hopelessness of life that they turn into ghosts to take revenge.

This divine card was still in Ji Xiang s body, exuding a thick white light, and it was still resonating with ways to lose weight fast in a month the highest Dao Enlightenment Heaven.

This light comes from the Taixu treasure, and the Taixu treasure can swallow the sun, moon, stars, gods, ghosts, and even the dust of the sky.

Brother Xiangji The person waiting for Ji Xiang here is none other than Zhao Shizhen, a firearms expert who had a close relationship in the capital Ji Daochang, I Purple And White Fat Burner Pill ways to lose weight fast in a month ve been waiting for you to come The treasure in my arms is really buzzing every day, and it s hard to wait for a moment Zhao Shizhen and Ji Best Thing To Eat Before Bed For Weight Loss ways to lose weight fast in a month Xiang hadn t seen best rx weight loss pill each other for a long time, and the excitement was beyond words.

Halfway through the Yangshen Chonglifting, he has never failed, but he has never proved to be a celestial being, but his mana is indeed far beyond the realm of pure yang.

Continue to travel southeast, and come to what Feng Menglong called Taiping Town, and the accident occurred at this time.

Written in the Book of Heaven. It s a good thing that Maoshan s large formations did not involve this part.

But the next moment, ways to lose weight fast in a month Feng Menglong s expressions gradually disappeared, and then he looked at the young man with an indifferent expression Although it ways to lose weight fast in a month is very beautiful, but I refuse There will be no pies in the sky.

Yinshan faction ways to lose weight fast in a month s legal realm has been eroded, and the orthodoxy has been damaged.

Seeing that the monk was about to be crushed to ways to lose weight fast in a month death by the treasure mountain of gold and silver in the illusion, he stretched out his hand and flicked the mountain of gold and silver.

The main body is a stone chamber, which appears as ordinary things on the outside, and inside there is the universe, the sun and the moon, and the world of heaven accommodates it.

Ishida Mitsunari immediately said xls medical max strength diet pills for weight loss reviews Since ways to lose weight fast in a month you have Mr. Hideyoshi s permission, I have nothing to say.

Among the people she has met, even Qing Tongjun does not have such a strong physical physique.

Just by using the Yinshan Dharma Realm, you can hook up lonely souls and wild ghosts.

Ji Xiang watched them approach aggressively, and didn t want to deal vittimeterrorismo.it ways to lose weight fast in a month with these junior monks, so he raised his hand easily.

The pillars of best rx weight loss pill Natural Weight Loss Pills wishes seemed to be rushing towards that ways to lose weight fast in a month vacancy, they lifted up the fragments of Vermilion Heaven, as if to fill up the highest vacancy in the sky.

While sitting in meditation or meditating in meditation, this demonic energy will gradually ways to lose weight fast in a month invade the body, and will slowly assimilate the sitting meditator into a chasing demon god.

When the white clothed monk finally broke free, he was still thinking When he was going to move the statue of Zhenwu, the magistrate of Qiantang immediately stopped him Master, master can t move anymore This Master Zhenwu seems to have risen I d better ask Master to stop.

Then the two stared at each other, Yan Jingzhu said strangely You still don t go up, why keep looking at me Ji Xiang was very calm I can t fly, why don t fairies give me a ride Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Three Yan Jingzhu was taken aback Your Taoism is that of an immortal, a majestic immortal you can t fly Ji Xiang I m really ashamed, Lie Xian can t fly, so can the fairy give me a ride Or I saw a staircase over there before, but after you woke me up, the staircase disappeared.

in here. King Lu has also spied ways to lose weight fast in a month here before, but he didn t find anything.

The Emperor is still waiting for this treasure Ji Xiang didn t find any trace of Chen Taichu, those strange howling sounds disappeared along with his disappearance, and what remained here was only some black aura.

Mr. Yao nodded slightly It s natural. Rihua can bring about great changes to people. It is the key to knocking on the door of immortality.

At the same time, she informed Ji Xiang that she had already learned about Ge Xuan s resurrection because the old gentleman had contacted her before.

Devil King, you can step back ways to lose weight fast in a month No matter what test manifested in the Demon King s legal world, it seemed to King Lu at this time that it didn t exist.

But before suddenly, the magic thought changed its direction and was directly swallowed by the statue of Zhenwu.

Passing through ways to lose weight fast in a month is the ascension to become an immortal. All thirteen good deeds and unrelenting compassion can be forgotten, Once you enter the fairyland, you will know the loftiness of all dharmas, but it is a pity that there is no way in the mountains and rivers, and you still seek from the world.

I have already greatly offended Zhu Huogong and beheaded two patriarchs of the Qing Dynasty.

The emergence of too many trials and demons has caused the wishes of the people to ways to lose weight fast in a month be consumed too quickly.

What you see is your interior. I gave you the Three Corpse Gods. The little fox suddenly let out an ah, Lose Weight Fast Pills Free very surprised and aggrieved Here, master, why are you turning into three corpses for me Even if the monster is psychic, there ways to lose weight fast in a month will be no three corpses even if it turns into a human form.

scarf. Tiefutou of Plum Blossom Mountain, leading twenty demons under his command, come to ask for advice Let s see how you, a senior who has lived for more than ten years, teach me a junior who has lived for two or Purple And White Fat Burner Pill ways to lose weight fast in a month three hundred years But before that, shouldn t you declare your identity We have seen you It is because we have seen you that we came to you Your breath, your back, suddenly appeared in our minds two days ago, and gave us great oppression and fear.

This is very understandable. It is work out programs to lose weight understandable that Wudang could not hear the news.

Qin Nvxiu looked around However, what s going on with Ying Tian Mansion Confucius beat someone Not far away, Confucius was grabbing the face of an earth fairy and slapping it vigorously, and vittimeterrorismo.it ways to lose weight fast in a month he was muttering something saying that rotten wood cannot be carved, and a wall of dung cannot be stained Ah, this This is 1500 Calorie Diet Weight Loss best rx weight loss pill my trick.

The broken Dao heart continued, and it was ways to lose weight fast in a month difficult to recover. His aura weakened violently, and even vittimeterrorismo.it ways to lose weight fast in a month the body manifested in the outside world ways to lose weight fast in a month almost collapsed.

This day s fire burns from the bottom ways to lose weight fast in a month of its own Yongquan ways to lose weight fast in a month point, and penetrates the mud wall palace, turning the internal organs into ashes, and the limbs are rotten, burning the hundreds of thousands of years of asceticism into illusion.

I have to wait. Also, aren t you afraid of offending our ancestors Ji Xiang snorted, and a few more Best Thing To Eat Before Bed For Weight Loss ways to lose weight fast in a month people were thrown out of the floating smoke.

Comprehension of the principles of heaven and man is a basic skill for any monk.

Sorry for not being of help. Prince Liejie laughed. It was really hard to find Ji Xiang s previous whereabouts. Even if he found it, he couldn t catch up with him.

Ji Xiang raised her gun, and the female ghost immediately bowed her head and gave in I ll take you there, I ll take you there There s no need to take him there At this time, the dark wind picked up again, and there were waves of dark soldiers in the depths of the mist.

In fact, this secret art of the Ming court has far reaching influence, because it has been handed down from the pre Qin and Han Dynasties and has been supplemented by generations of dynasties.

The so called canopy ways to lose weight fast in a month is here for convenience. The statue of Zhenwu moved its eyes, and a faint radiance was emitted from it, but the statue was not on the ways to lose weight fast in a month main seat.

As the Tathagata said, all kinds of dreams ways to lose weight fast in a month and the words of the Vajra are like dew like electricity.

At this time, there is also a towering step leading to the sky. Ji Xiang has also forgotten many things, but the basic judgment still exists, so he is a little hesitant.

Ghosts of the underworld. Hu Long was stunned Your Majesty said, it s best for Daoist to leave within five days He turned around However, since there are ghosts from green tea supplements dosage for weight loss the underworld here, then this kind of grace is also possible.

The appearance of righteousness in this world can appear in Maoshan, and ways to lose weight fast in a month it can appear in the Taoist I have chosen, her lover.

After being spread in the Tang Dynasty, the secret art of conferring the heavens has almost been passed down.

Heavenly Demon Lu Wang was so surprised that he couldn t close his mouth The real Beiji I remember according to the news, you should be an old fairy family from the Han Dynasty What unspeakable thing happened to you Ji Xiang Who knows.

Taoism The harvest this time is really a surprise. Ji Xiang never expected to meet such a character with a special entry.

At that time, the world will be ruled doctor weight loss pills by ways to lose weight fast in a month you, the sky will belong to His Majesty Yuan Emperor, and the reincarnation of the world, the death and rebirth of the eternal life, will be controlled by us.

Later, with the help of Mr. Jin Han, he became Emperor Song, and brought himself here after his death.

After sending them away and letting them go, Ji Xiangdu brought Zhang Xiucai back to Wudang Mountain.

However, he also possessed escapism, ways to lose weight fast in a month and when Ji Xiang devoured the group of demons, he ways to lose weight fast in a month disappeared, and when he took a closer look, his expression finally couldn t be maintained, and he was lost in shock.

What I need is not the lipo 9 fat burner flesh. Righteousness is the power that exists in the heart.

After sensing a large amount of devilish energy gushing out of the Palace of Soul Rescue, dozens of huge thunder sounds immediately came out.

At this time, Lady Yin Ping was talking to herself. Although she had no heartbeat, after all, she was a remnant soul who became a god without a physical body, but her mind was still full of tension and fear.

Don t worry about This battle must be lost. Xu Fu smiled It is enough to eat North Korea s luck.

The Daolu Division in this city has long been a Fajiao, and there are no court mages here.

Among the ways to lose weight fast in a month young disciples, it is not surprising ways to lose weight fast in a month that the talented ones have the cultivation base of three flowers gathering at the top.

It is said that it is the root of the orthodoxy, but in fact it has now become something that controls the supernatant.

What kind of realm is a person who is about to achieve the peak of Taoism in the Ascension Realm, but best rx weight loss pill Natural Weight Loss Pills he can t even think of it Knowing that there is such a terrifying and mysterious patriarch in his family, all Shangqing Daozi can do is to deduce a little bit according to the legends in those ancient books, which person in the ancient books it is.

Seeing the right moment, Ji Xiang ways to lose weight fast in a month used Shatter Void, causing the Yinshan Dharma Realm to disintegrate into countless pieces in an instant, and the remaining large Part of ways to lose weight fast in a month the Dharma Realm disappeared from the world and returned to the heavens.

Her body and spirit recovered so quickly. Sure enough, is it because of the foundation of faith Ji Xiang looked at his share of incense, and after giving it to Lady Yin Ping, the injuries she had suffered before disappeared visibly to the naked eye, and those erratic places on her body, which were the lost form and spirit, now began to condense again.

There are not many immortals in this world now. Well, if this vassal king is made immortal, then the emperor of the Ming Dynasty can also be replaced.

This kind of thing should not be done. Some people intervene in secular vittimeterrorismo.it ways to lose weight fast in a month disputes.

Although it is said that the corresponding mana will not be obtained immediately when Purple And White Fat Burner Pill ways to lose weight fast in a month the god is introduced, but if Huang Ting s god is introduced, at least the mana of the golden core level can be obtained immediately.

Or, Master ways to lose weight fast in a month Sanfeng has lived for so many years, is he still afraid of a demon from the lower realm As soon as these words came out, Zhang Dayuan s complexion changed, and he muttered You bad bastard, the old man is not happy to see you, did you really come down to help the old man overcome the calamity Old Daoist, thank you A lot of words have already surfaced in Ji Xiang s inner scene card, and the reason is that just for a moment, old man Zhang showed a little hostility.

In terms of the ghost s form and spirit, in an instant, those blue ghost fires were completely swallowed up by Wanmin s incense.

Ji Xiang nodded A great change that has not been seen in thousands of years is coming.