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Therefore, we do not believe that you are not is it good to lose weight by fasting afraid of the power of pure yang If you put down a few of the Nurhachi family s children, our pre workout drink for weight loss faces will look good.

He stood still on the river, and all the surviving ghosts and ghosts gathered behind him.

However, he has never encountered someone as rampant as the person in front of him, who charged in front of him.

As for the two on the side, the one on the left is Maitreya Buddha, and the one on the right is a big fox fairy The little fox scratched is it good to lose weight by fasting his head, not knowing why.

The gods of Beizhen Fusi will guard the gate. When the ministers saw the person coming, Ji Xiang grabbed Nurhachi by the back of his neck, came to the Meridian Gate, and threw him at the gate.

The little fox was puzzled, and then looked at the golden light spells he had copied, feeling a little guilty.

When Ji Xiang spoke, he also had a certain degree of body movements, which looked like he was throwing a fist.

It s no use hiding. Zhu Pao Vulcan s gaze swept across is it good to lose weight by fasting the brocade guards here, he sneered and took a step forward.

Yangming With the righteousness of the world, I must make a career.

Compared with the Great Ming national prestige that he had, it only strengthened a little, not too much.

She murdered at the age of fourteen, and after being pardoned by Emperor Han, she entered the immortal way and never went back to be the wife of King Yan.

Even a little more powerful ghosts can blow up his altar. In is it good to lose weight by fasting addition, there are many prostitutes in the south, is it good to lose weight by fasting and offering sacrifices to evil gods is it good to lose weight by fasting is common This Prince Liejie is I have never heard the name of this righteous god.

Begin to cross the calamity above the four realms, and only when you cross the fourteenth realm can you completely get rid of the ten demons and nine difficulties.

While it was still early, he quickly took the talisman. After drawing it, he went is it good to lose weight by fasting to the nearby mountains and forests to find a place to conduct a magic test and quickly upgrade to the fifth level.

Emperor Jiajing finally got his wish. There are many details in it, which are not enough for outsiders to understand.

When you are poisoned later, you can recite my holy name Plexus Slim Weight Loss pre workout drink for weight loss and draw a picture on the ground.

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Why don t you worry about my beloved, don t you still have me Lady Hou took out some of her jewels and precious treasures.

At the same time, when they gathered together, boundless evil spirits emerged from their bodies Neijing Shenpai quickly gave a strategy Evil Qi Every evil has different shapes, or wrong speech, or crying and frightened away, or madness, or joy, anger, sadness, or laughter, or great fear, such as chasing is it good to lose weight by fasting people, or singing songs and howling, or unwilling to speak Every unrighteous thing gathers to cause disaster, and only then does this evil spirit form.

As a monk, before degenerating into ghosts and gods, Mu Liti knew exactly where the scriptures Ji Xiang recited came from, so he was terrified and couldn t believe it Abhidhamma Tibetan Sutras is it good to lose weight by fasting Actually, this is Master Xuanzang s There are as many as forty volumes in Abhidhamma Tibetan Sutras These Nine Words of is it good to lose weight by fasting Buddhism can restrain all afflictions, desires and greed, and can also dissolve most of the spells cast by the rise of ten kinds of evil thoughts in people s hearts.

It s been three o clock now, and he hasn t come back yet Did he die in the Longde Palace is it good to lose weight by fasting Was he slaughtered by that Taoist priest from Wudang Mountain Zhu Changluo is very irritable, and now all actions are completely different from what was planned Among the three Vulcans, the white bearded Best Diet For Weight Loss is it good to lose weight by fasting old Vulcan responded at this time Master Song went to the Longde Hall, the Taoist priest must be dead, you don t have to worry, the foundation building is not much different from ordinary people, the holy fetus has not yet appeared, Master Song is in the body of a god, killing him is just a matter of hand.

In order to relieve his pain, the Buddha instructed him to smoke medicinal smoke, which is this kind of flower.

At this moment, bursts of aroma flames were born, and the incense smelling believers around were stunned immediately when they smelled the aroma.

The 1400 year old Yellow Turban Bandit, he is a crippled Ascendant, he has no Taoism, he is one of the ancient immortals, nothing to be feared.

At this time, Feng Menglong was carrying the little fox and encountered another problem.

Shuerhaqi, still chasing afterward is it good to lose weight by fasting Don t be fooled by things like Mangai demons.

After all, his descendants are not ordinary people. Even in an ancient law world like Fengdu Hell, if you want to wipe out the luck of a person who is rich slim diet pills drugs that make you lose weight quickly expected to become an emperor in is it good to lose weight by fasting the future, you still have to do it bit by bit.

At least it is a character with three flowers gathered on the top, and the strength of the human body has been cultivated to perfection.

The Fa rectification will not tell you the way to make money, but ask you to do good deeds and accumulate vitamins that aid weight loss merits.

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These spirits, obviously, also took advantage of the welfare of the Emperor Wanli when he was conferred the gods, and gained a little remnant of national prestige, and moved freely in the palace.

But now the control of the mark of hell is in the hands of Ji Xiang, so Ji Xiang can control the opening and closing of the mark of hell.

White smoke rose from Emperor Wanli s body, and the most powerful piece of Ming Dynasty s national prestige was already burning.

Chapter 160 A Strike from the Sky This is really a voice and memory that I haven t thought of for a long time, but it has become blurred, and then completely forgotten.

Women are feminine, so they are unlikely to be born in the four suns.

Senior, my Maoshan has thirteen heavenly formations, forty nine large formations, fifty two killing formations, eighty one trapped formations, one hundred and sixty five earth formations, and countless ordinary is it good to lose weight by fasting formations below the five realms.

Including Taiyin Jiehuo, we also finished refining it and sent it to her.

The name is extremely long, and Ji Xiang flipped through the whole article.

It proves that they are indeed the chiefs of Beizhenfu. There is one person in charge of Tongzhi, three persons in charge of affairs, and two envoys in charge of appeasement.

But if it is brought, it is taken, no matter what it is for suppression, since it can be taken away by Zhenwu Mountain, why can t my Emperor Ming take it products that help lose weight fast Taoists can touch it, but the emperor can t But the emperor was also a Taoist priest.

After Emperor Wanli knew about it, although he tried his best to persuade him to stay, Ji Xiang had made up his mind to go.

is there any reason The fire at that time was really caused by lightning strikes It was someone who wanted to murder me, deliberately lit the fire, and tried it out Last year, there was a fire in the second palace of Qianqing Kunning, and I went to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to escape the catastrophe, who among you, who wrote a letter, said that I have offended the heavens I m going to build a temple the one who built this temple almost sent me away Then Yuan Keli likes to write books.

In front of it was the Void Emperor s Treasure Altar and the Sanqing Hall.

Ji Xiang saw that it was four Plexus Slim Weight Loss pre workout drink for weight loss out of five. Each one seems to be pretty good.

After all, a real master of flying high is that one person s wish is equivalent to the wish of all people, and he can incarnate himself as a god, and Ji Xiang s fake is it good to lose weight by fasting ascension cannot do this.

They are infinitely powerful, able to use divine techniques, fly to the sky and escape from the ground.

After all, the canal runs from north to south and connects water transportation, which is much faster than walking.

Zhu Changluo froze immediately, as if being poured with cold water in the wind and rain, and Ji Xiang also narrowed his eyes slightly and is it good to lose weight by fasting grinned It s a coincidence that the eldest prince came down.

Later, he even tried to is it good to lose weight by fasting spy on the palace, but of course he didn t succeed.

The magic weapon is put on the body hard, like a psychopath That s right, and his name is Ji Xiang, not Li Bin.

After all, it is in Shuntian City, where the Yin Division patrols night and night, Tiancao manifests his ace keto gummies acv holiness during the day, and even if there are ordinary ghosts, there is no time to hide, so how dare they show their heads.

Assassinated is it good to lose weight by fasting Vitamins To Boost Metabolism I don t understand why the gang of assassins can come and go here freely, and you have so many generals, but you can t find any clues It s five o clock soon, and I will reflect on it when I go back today.

The two little fire men were also stiff is it good to lose weight by fasting Vitamins To Boost Metabolism all over. They didn t know why they stood still and couldn t move.

The God of White Eyebrows is the patron saint of our industry, and he told me the way to drive it at the beginning.

That is to say, Lord Fire can t do anything after the fifth watch.

At three o clock in the morning, that is exactly five watch, the ministers were already waiting outside the Meridian Gate.

I want to reward you for making such a great contribution. For a moment, Ji Xiang felt is it good to lose weight by fasting that he was being followed by three Rapid Fat Burning Pills is it good to lose weight by fasting elders at the same time.

If he calls his real name, three parts of his divine power will be cut off.

If you show courage for a while, your successors will inevitably be weak.

After so many days of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for a rabbit, have you been lonely Shu Erhaqi is said to belong to the ghost Why is this guy still leading the team Best Diet For Weight Loss is it good to lose weight by fasting Ji Xiang didn t respond to the magic card of the inner scene, and he was puzzled, so he asked Lao Zhang Is is it good to lose weight by fasting there really no illusion It s not true, but if the other party has some spells that can hide us, it s actually normal.

I thought that a big fire would burn him tonight, but I didn t expect him to run out.

After all, in terms of affiliation, the emperor is the person with the highest level of national prestige, just is it good to lose weight by fasting like these is it good to lose weight by fasting Vulcans with national prestige, their spells cannot harm the emperor, and they can only rely on mortals to set fire to assassinate.

Ji Xiang began to touch the statue, but at this moment, after the blinding method failed, Baimian Zhenwu suddenly had a fierce light in his eyes, and the yin and yang sparked just for a moment, and a vast murderous aura erupted, and the world was covered with purple dust Ji Xiang s real body reflected the white faced god card in his eyes, his body stiffened, and the incense was floating.

From the emergence of the Jade Emperor, we can get a glimpse of the leopard, that is to say, the lower limit is at least All peoples wish.

This is still his family, so the relationship is here. The father of the craftsman was very reluctant, but he was also happy for his son, so Nezhatou s child kowtowed respectfully and said goodbye to the father of the craftsman.

He wouldn t have fought with the civil servants for eleven years because of the establishment of the crown prince, and ended up being autistic for nine years.

Because if you want to go back to Wudang, the waterway in Dongcheng is the fastest.

The predecessors did not use it as a righteous method, but later generations blamed such spells on evil methods.

He couldn t win the exam, so he naturally had no official position.

The blank divine tablet digested the fragments of the dharma world, and Ji Xiang s physical body was able to move.

With Master Ji s ability, maybe this thing can come in handy. Then Tao Zhongwen is a member of the Shenxiao School, and the skinny max diet pills Shenxiao School has been proud of Leifa since ancient times The eunuch with the palm seal of the Jingu Supervisor opened the wooden box, and there was a large rusty brass token lying what supplements are safe for weight loss inside.

This wave of manipulation was really numb for himself. This has been decided from the fourth rank s business affairs.

It is the brilliance refined from the twelve Taixu treasures of Yuanshi Tianzun It pre workout drink for weight loss Weight Loss Meds can receive all things into the brilliance, is it good to lose weight by fasting and all the rays of light are everywhere, and they are all transformed.

The rules of the Forbidden City have changed, and the national Rapid Fat Burning Pills is it good to lose weight by fasting prestige of Yinsi, Tiancao, and Baiguan will be replaced by Wuming Yehuo.

Xu Hongru was not convinced, and forgot to guide Ji Xiang for a while, and knew that Ji Xiang s words at this time were a warning, but he felt a surge of anger from his chest, instead his eyes widened, and he argued with Ji Xiang dissatisfied Fellow Daoist, what you said is wrong Could it be that we use the scriptures to save the world, is it considered to deceive the public The government has already admitted it If according to what Fellow Daoist said, there is no righteous method outside the eight places of Buddhism.

The fifteen suzerain finally couldn t help sneering It s almost enough Who do you think you are, is it good to lose weight by fasting we don is it good to lose weight by fasting t want to entangle with you.

Whether he dies at the end of his life or dies in vain is determined by the living person s own behavior.

As for Wanli, this kid is is it good to lose weight by fasting really lucky, his butt was burned just now, and now he is about to be killed by ghosts and gods.

He didn t expect that fenugreek tea for weight loss just after writing this talisman, a lot of vitality would be drawn out after just one stroke.

Someone will take the first step and open the world s great way, but it s a pity that it s not my Maoshan The leader of the Taoist sect is in the three mountains, and the leader is it good to lose weight by fasting of the three mountains is still the sect of dragon and tiger.

He turned his head again, and saw yellow is it good to lose weight by fasting talismans pasted everywhere on the door and the wall.

Similarly, Ji Xiang is it good to lose weight by fasting also obtained Rapid Fat Burning Pills is it good to lose weight by fasting part of the is it good to lose weight by fasting Vitamins To Boost Metabolism power of the Dharma Realm.

The demolition of the headquarters of the Yin Division requires a formal ceremony to Best Diet For Weight Loss is it good to lose weight by fasting send the gods away.

This Does Walmart Sell Weight Loss Supplements made Emperor Wanli even more suspicious. What did the Longde Hall find out Luo Sigong was protecting Emperor Wanli, and everyone is it good to lose weight by fasting retreated to Jiaotai Hall, is it good to lose weight by fasting Vitamins To Boost Metabolism is it good to lose weight by fasting Vitamins To Boost Metabolism and then to the Sixth West Palace, Wang and Empress hurriedly followed.

When the is it good to lose weight by fasting local famous god observes you secretly it will gradually is it good to lose weight by fasting cause problems in the is it good to lose weight by fasting Vitamins To Boost Metabolism human body, and it will turn into a dead body after three days, you can refuse him to observe you, so that the light of the soul of the sky and the body of the human are united, and the gods of the earth will lose their observation objects.

The situation where Zhao Xuanlang was able to bring the dharma realm to the mortal world, and after he was killed, he was able to leave the fragments of the primordial spirit realm dharma realm in the human world was a rare one after all.

Feng Menglong asked quickly You said that the fox demon has three fears and five fears, is there anyone who can deal with them now The little fox replied The four fears are dogs, magpies, jars, and rhino horns the five fears are those who fear violence, those who fear magic, those who fear gods, those who fear blessings, and those who fear virtue That s right You You are a virtuous person, the fox demon is afraid of righteousness, so your righteousness may be useful, give it a try It would be great if my master s evil pot was in my hand, maybe I can scare them away.

They is it good to lose weight by fasting could not see the end of their eyes, and each of them had an eyeball protruding from their faces.

If there is no pure Yang, it will be like Quanzhen Dao. The Lord is it good to lose weight by fasting of Maoshan looked at Nanyangzi and Luopoxian, and the two felt very uncomfortable.

The little god was enlightened by Zhang Tianshi is it good to lose weight by fasting during the reign of Emperor Yingzong.

Ghosts and lose weight after depo gods are most afraid of firearms. Firearms can weaken his power of ghosts and gods.

It s like a three year old child arbitrarily taking the life of an evil spirit Among the two Jinyiwei, especially Zhuo Deyuan, he felt his blood boiled and he was very excited.

Recovery, even if I didn t die just now, I can t come to the world as a primordial spirit Okay, a master of the Ascension Realm, I have never killed anyone in the is it good to lose weight by fasting Ascension Realm in my life The person in front of him is wearing a sky high crown, twenty four beams, and Jinbo Mountain.

This son has already practiced the twenty sixth chapter of my Maoshan first sutra The Thirty Nine Chapters of the Dadong Zhenjing of the Qing Dynasty.

driving 360,000 is it good to lose weight by fasting heavenly soldiers to drag it in If is it good to lose weight by fasting the opponent is above Jindan, maybe I can t fight against him in the human world, but if I enter Fuli, then I have the advantage See who is the first to sell the label By the way, my big talisman Ji Xiang remembered the big talisman he had ordered, and looked is it good to lose weight by fasting in the direction of the Han Jing Factory.

Ji Xianggang was about to tell him, why are you going to be a mortal, but Feng Menglong immediately said Even if I don t go, I can t stay here Now that the is it good to lose weight by fasting capital city of Gusu is a ghost town, I m here is it good to lose weight by fasting alone.

Now he is finally caught. Zhang Tianshi just came here to inform that in less than three or five quarters, Grandmaster captured Nurhachi and entered the Forbidden City.

This temple is mainly managed by Zen Master Shuizhai of Buddhism. Usually, her mother, Empress Dowager Li, from the doctors program medication for weight loss in Wanli would go to offer incense.

In the nearby ship, someone was staring at Ji Xiang, the master and apprentice.

Looking at Miao Zhu in front of Ji Xiang s eyes, he also felt strange about the text in best diet pills to curb your appetite the interior scene.

It is a big symbol made by myself. I thought silently in my heart, eunuch in charge of the factory, since you have made the is it good to lose weight by fasting big talisman for me, I will definitely avenge you.

He heard that Ji Xiang was about to leave after customizing the marijuana for weight loss magic weapon.

Didn t throwing out this mighty magic spell just blow him up I mean, just give is it good to lose weight by fasting me a less powerful talisman.

As time goes by, it seems that one or two years have passed in a blink of an eye.

When he encountered a wall, it was broken. is it good to lose weight by fasting Ignoring many obstacles, when he arrived at the apse, there was a sudden medical weight loss muskegon mi shaking inside, and he saw a black figure running away, and was seen by Jin Yiwei.

There are people and demons, Taoists and monks, ghosts and ghosts from all directions, and land priests.

In this huge Liaokuang world, there are memorial tablets standing.

If that king of Joseon dares to do something stupid and raise the flag to make trouble, then I can only send him prescription drugs that cause unwanted weight loss to meet the emperors of the Song court.

After opening the gate of top rated weight loss cleanse heaven, I hit hard Once the gate of heaven is opened, and the floating land becomes the background, is it good to lose weight by fasting will I be able to use the complete ascension realm But Marshal Canopy s divine power is too mana consuming to use When Ji Xiang just changed his position, Marshal Canopy s power was particularly difficult to use.

If I succeed in cultivation, I will also help the Qing army in the future.

From the fourth grade Tian Fengyu was really surprised this time. He pretended just now.

When he sees the beauty, he sprays the pancake crumbs in his mouth, slaps his leg with his hand, and enjoys it.

Great Sage Yuan Miao sighed. The yang world is the surface of the world, but the yin world is best stomach weight loss pills not Rapid Fat Burning Pills is it good to lose weight by fasting the surface of the world It s all hyperthyroidism need a pill for weight loss the same, Song Ting hides in the shadow of Ming Ting, and has been planning since the time of Song Zhenzong.

After the Dongyue Temple incident, the current Ming army is it good to lose weight by fasting equipment Rapid Fat Burning Pills is it good to lose weight by fasting is being enchanted by a large number of old Zhang.

Ji Daochang told me that he once read my Elements of Geometry in a distant place, and at that time, my book had just finished translating the first volume This confession completely dispelled the doubts of Lao Zhang and Emperor Wanli.

Two flying soldiers came over, tied Zhu Changluo with chains, and stuck his neck with double axes.

Righteous gods do not exist. They are all just the gods canonized and received by the Ming court.

But as soon as he came here, a bell rang on Ji is it good to lose weight by fasting Xiang s body. The Zhengyang bell rang slightly, and the Vajra bell is it good to lose weight by fasting just swayed, indicating that this is it good to lose weight by fasting place is slightly overcast and not suitable for long term residence.

I didn t use any force, you were dislocated, your body is not good The other Jinyi guards nearby stretched out their hands to catch them, and Ji Xiang touched them all is it good to lose weight by fasting one by one, and there was a muffled groan, and the green and green Jinyi guards all covered medical marijuana strains for weight loss their arms and stopped their hands.

There is a certain chance that is it good to lose weight by fasting this kind of fox will have a charm bead in its mouth.

It s my old nest, and it s the best choice to go back to the mountains to practice incense.

Entering the fourth realm of fetal breath, you are out of the realm of mortals.

Eating black beans brings disaster. The evil jar can only refine one bean a day.

It looks like Lord Yan Luo. The god of the Song Dynasty who walked out of Dongyue Temple began to walk towards the first red shop, holding a strange weapon in his hand.

How do you know that His Majesty is on Xierchang Street Zhu Changluo was startled for a moment, terrified.

Commander Tong Zhi complained to is safeline keto safe Ji fast weight loss veg diet plan Xiang Daoist Ji, it s the negligence of the subordinate officials, and I ask the Taoist priest to back off, and the subordinates gnc keto fit pills come to subdue this demon.

The Imperial Hospital went to the Hall of Mental Cultivation, but at noon, a gossip revealed that a concubine was going to die in the past two days.

On the shelf in this hall, he took down a wooden box and held it to Ji Xiang Master Ji might as well take a look at this.

Goddess Zhu Yi has the ability to replace other fire gods and steal their sacrifices.

Over 60 years old, no godson, no influence, still rare in the Forbidden City.

In this case, Li Chengliang would use it again and send him to the Liaodong area to suppress it forcefully.

Several Taoists in the temple were smiling slightly. But at this time, Feng Menglong s voice came from the side What kind of fragrance is this, why does it smell like a fox It smells so bad Chapter 145 is it good to lose weight by fasting Several Taoists turned their heads in surprise and looked at Feng Menglong.

Ji Xiang has already condensed the glory of the human body, and with the help of the blank magic card, the time has been greatly shortened.

He had never encountered such an outrageous thing in the twelve years he guarded the casino.

This shouldn t be caused by my earth escape, right Heh Ji Xiang crossed the mountain gate and came to the main outer gate of the Dagaoxuan Hall the Liuli Gate In front of the Supreme Pavilion, Tian Fengyu suddenly felt restless He reversed Yin and Yang here, and reversed the positions Plexus Slim Weight Loss pre workout drink for weight loss of the Supreme Pavilion and Xiangyi Palace with great magic is it good to lose weight by fasting power, so that the Jade Emperor could replace the statue of Emperor Jiajing and play is it good to lose weight by fasting the planned role as usual.

At this time, two children suddenly appeared is it good to lose weight by fasting in front of Concubine Zhou Duan and Concubine Xu is it good to lose weight by fasting De.

It should negatives of using weight loss pill be the Big Brother Nursing Home. Looking at the Daoist boy, the Daoist boy held up a handprint of the Heavenly Venerable.

Her eyes are like rippling autumn will i lose weight on a water fast water, her tone is it good to lose weight by fasting is soft like a gentle breeze, is it good to lose weight by fasting her plump breasts undulate gently, her silhouette is misty and illusory, as if shrouded in a layer of misty autumn mountains, and there is a circle of faint red light emitting, both sacred and beautiful.

The strong ones in Lishanhe have a lot of time to practice, but the practitioners in Biaoshanhe are not so lucky.

She is it good to lose weight by fasting resisted the blow, her chest was sunken, and blood was bleeding from her seven orifices.

Ji natural green tea for weight loss Xiang s mind is also very tired, not to mention the physical body, if it is not for the separation of the incense body and the physical body system, Ji Xiang should have fallen to the ground by now, fainted from is it good to lose weight by fasting exhaustion.

Tianbao Junyin can just find a radish to engrave a pirated seal. The genuine version of this thing is not available, and the genuine product is in the hands of Lao Zhang.

What the master was thinking, the little fox didn t know. We don t know, and we don t dare to ask, so we hold our little command flag tightly.

He reached out and stroked the little fox. The little fox was like a tamed puppy.

Lao is it good to lose weight by fasting Liu failed to defeat Cao Wei, so he could not win the initiative legally.

However, the people from the Ministry of Rites received them, but they just asked them to wait.

Combined with the fact that Lord Huo didn t show up to pick him up, Zhu Changluo suddenly felt that the sky is it good to lose weight by fasting was falling apart.

My Maoshan is one of the three mountains. You Since you also know that we are the leaders of the Taoist sect, it is not good to call us so boldly A word of advice, the mountain master is in a fit of anger.

People with is it good to lose weight by fasting mana will not easily tear down other people s incense.

After all this is done, the time is past. It took a lot of time, and it was a pleasure to throw out the talismans when using them, as if they were rich and powerful, but making them took a lot of time, and those talismans with great power would take days and months.

Afterwards, the palace did not find out. Many maids and servants died in the fire, and it was classified as accidental ignition.

The two divine thoughts of Lao Zhang and Ji Xiang flew up to the Dafu Li, turning into nothingness.

Make them very uncomfortable And the King of Zhenjiang had already come here with a thought, and with a slap, Ji Xiang disappeared, and the demon king was smashed in the head by the King of Zhenjiang Huang Tingjing was still above Yuanshen, killing an unsuspecting pre workout drink for weight loss and slashed Golden Best Diet For Weight Loss is it good to lose weight by fasting Core Demon King, he was killed with one blow in a fit of rage Blood stained river tides, strong winds surge between heaven is it good to lose weight by fasting and earth, and the waves are hundreds of feet high With a wave of the King of Zhenjiang s hand, the entire river instantly turned into hundreds of angry dragons, attacking Ji Xiang in the distance What Ji Xiang used was exactly the land master s land movement technique Don t tell me, every time this land lord encounters a big event, in the fairy tales, he is always the first to apply oil on the soles of his feet.

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