• 9 Giugno 2011

About the decision of the Brazil court refusing to extradite Italian murderer Cesare Battisti

9 June 2011, Turin IT

The Italian Association of Victims of Terrorism (AIVITER) this morning is near and solidarity, once again, with the families of Andrea Campagna, Lino Sabbadin, Antonio Santoro and Pierluigi Torregiani, victims of the “Armed Proletarians for Communism. ”

We hardly regret the decision of the Supreme Federal Court of Brasil and the consequent release of the murderer, Cesare Battisti, that are the latest of a series of political and moral slaps from France to Brazil since 2004 till today not only to the victims’ families, but to Italy and his civil society.

Civil society is always the primary target of every terrorist act, but the Italian one should perhaps ask himselves why his Institutions, regardless of the part that governs them, demonstrate a permanent inability to enforce – in the international premises – the rights of its citizens, who were victims, to obtain an appearance, even only symbolic, og justice.

Victims in Italy have not the culture of revenge, without end-penalty for the executioners, but we try to ask, once again with all our forces, only the respect due to those who were turned, reluctantly, into a target to be killed: individually or in groups, in the slaughters.

31.12.2010: Press release

The Italian Association of Victims of terrorism (AIVITER) expresses its solidarity to the families of Andrea Campagna, Lino Sabbadin, Antonio Santoro and Pierluigi Torregiani, victims of the “Proletarian Armed for the Comunism”.

President Lula’s decision to deny the extradition in Italy of the multiple homicide, Cesare Battisti, is a slap in the face of the Italian institutions, people and families of the victims of terrorism.
We ask he could receives a ready, strong and univocal answer from our Government.

It is completely obvious that the outgoing Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, with his biography as exponent of the Latin American revolutionary left, has yielded to persuasion in the Cesare Battisti’s version: painting Italy of the ’70s like an illiberal and repressive country, he covers his homicides under an ideological cloak close with the Brazilian president one.
We well-known that Battisti has not been judged by a court of a military dictatorship, into a stadium like in Chile, but by a court of a democratic country.
That’s why our Association considers President Lula’s decision a serious offence against the victims of the terrorism and their families who waited so many years that the law could take its course.

AIVITER demand the Italian Government to send a formal protest to the Government of the federal Republic of Brazil for the respect of the international treaties in extradition matter.